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Colegio William Shakespeare

There are no translations available. Colegio William Shakespeare, Temperley, Buenos Aires. (Foto del ingreso por calle…

Colegio William Shakespeare Colegio William Shakespeare

Jardín Maternal Bilingüe

There are no translations available. Nuestro Jardín Maternal conforma el primer eslabón del proyecto pedagógico del…

Jardín Maternal Bilingüe Jardín Maternal Bilingüe

Periodismo Deportivo

There are no translations available. El mejor lugar para estudiar la Carrera de Periodismo Deportivo en…

Periodismo Deportivo Periodismo Deportivo

Maratón Shakespearians

There are no translations available.Sumate a la 1º Maratón Ready Shakespearians GO! el 23 de Noviembre.…

Maratón Shakespearians Maratón Shakespearians

Sports 2014

There are no translations available. Sports Colegio William Shakespeare

Sports 2014 Sports 2014


The College of William Shakespeare - St. Augustine Welcomes You.welcome

Since 1922 our institution Brief history teaching. In the lives of individuals and institutions, there are facts that condition from the outset, all its further development. Temperley, city born under the influence of the railroad, quickly consolidated a large sector of the British community whose families were linked to this activity. The desire to recreate a relationship of belonging and the need for education of the children of these families had a May 8, 1922 were born with the name of TEMPERLEY BRITISH SCHOOL. The founder and owner was Ms. Sara S. by Furber, who creates a kindergarten that starts in one of the rooms of the Presbyterian Church General Paz 161 Street. The beginning was difficult but full of hope for a future that appeared to be very successful in feasibility.
In 1941 by resolution of the General Education Council of the Province of Buenos Aires is accepted the name change, adopting what has been the definitive name, College of William Shakespeare.
So we grew and changed over the years, honoring the theme that characterizes TENAX Propositi: In May 1965 he founded the Institute as a Level SAN AGUSTIN Middle School attached to William Shakespeare, in March 1988 establishing GARDEN FARM WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, as a renewal of our traditional kindergarten, expand the service the institution provides the kids with the establishment of kindergartens in May 1999 and finally to be mentioned the establishment in March 1998, the Higher Institute SAN AUGUSTINE, which provides academic training for future technicians in Sports Journalism.

In 1991 he acquired the sports field, with its opening in November 1993 became Country Club, enabling the educational community access to an area of ​​15 hectares with comfortable facilities and specific areas for the practice of different sports.


  • certificación cambridge

    Certificación Cambridge

    En Inglés nuestros alumnos certifican internacionalmente

  • servicer_4 joomlavison

    Certificación U.T.N.

    En informática la UTN avala y certifica los conocimientos de nuestros alumnos

  • 21

    Universidad Siglo 21

    Modalidad a distancia. INFORMATE

  • 1922

    Since 1922

    Este año nuestro Colegia festeja su 90º aniversario

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Periodismo deportivo

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Administración: Lavalle 109 | Temperley (1834), Buenos Aires, Argentina. | Tel.:(011) 4244-2270 | E-mail:colegio@colegioshakespeare.com.ar